to unite dermatologists seeking to hire a Certified Physician Assistant with PAs seeking positions in that specialty, no fees to the MDs or to the PAs; and to provide helpful information to both for a successful union.   See a  list of free handouts below.


     (1)  for a FREE list of PAs seeking a  DERMATOLOGY, COSMETICS, PLASTICS, MOHS,  or  DERMATOLOGIC SURGERY position in your state, email me at:  The info you will receive will have FULL contact info for the PAs whom you may contact directly.  Your contact info will be added to my job list which is requested daily by many PAs. I am NOT a professional recruiter.

     (2)  for answers to ALL your questions, please visit my old website,  where you will find all kinds of helpful information about hiring and working with PAs, derm magazine articles about such,  and many free handouts you can request, including contract samples, salary info, how to successfully integrate the new PA into your dermatology practice and a list of your own colleagues who will personally answer more questions.


     (1)  For free info on jobs for PAs in the above listed specialities, including FULL contact info for those jobs,  email me at:  After filling out a short "mini-resume" form for me, you may then contact/fax your resume directly to the dermatology practices of your choice.    Dermatologists repeatedly ask me for this "list" of mini resumes.   I have replied to over 4,000 requests by derm practices.

     (2)  for lots of helpful information about working in the dermatology, cosmetics,  derm surgery fields, why derm PAs love their jobs so, the HISTORY of DERM PAs, great dermatology education websites, derm patient support, and dermatology Physician Assistant self-study info, etc., visit the same website,, or email me.

HOWEVER, while that website above contains lots of helpful information for DERMATOLOGISTS and PAs alike, the old   JOB LIST SECTION   is no longer kept current.  You must request the current job list by email.

I am not a recruiter.  Again, I charge no fees to docs or Physician Assistants; I profit from nothing.  I HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR 22 YEARS !

I am no longer affiliated with the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants, an organization I co-founded with Joe Monroe in 1992.   I do not speak on their behalf.  I am not a PA.

--Mary Monroe



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                                                              FREE HANDOUTS

SALARY QUESTIONS: Ask for "How To Calculate a Derm PA's Worth" - fill in the blanks and calculate the net profit to the practice and salary/bonus structure. Other free handouts available on "Successful Integration of a PA into a Derm Practice" and , for PAs, salary surveys and salary negotiation experiences of other PAs.


SAMPLE CONTRACTS: You may request a sample contract for a dermatology PA, a formal one and an informal one--while I am not a lawyer, it is a start. Always consult with a contract lawyer so there are no misunderstandings. I would not recommend beginning a job without a 1-yr contract. As always contact the American Academy of Physician Assistants, for lots of information on contracts and help with hiring a PA.  

CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS, Professional help:   I am in NO WAY affiliated with them but two GREAT resources are:

  1.  Abby Jacobsen, derm PA, helps PAs with contract negotiations advice: .      I AM NOT AFFILIATED with the websites of Abby Jacobsen, dermatology PA-C,   and      looks VERY helpful for contract negotiations and will pay off in the long run!

   2. Kasey Drapeau-D'Amato PA-C,   can help with contracts and salary negotiations between dermatologists and the PA for a fee.  I highly recommend a 3rd party negotiator. 

                                                            As well as: 

Magazine article from Practical Dermatology about contracts with derm PAs:    and:

Lots of helpful employer info provided by the Americam Academy of Physician Assistants can be found at:    and at: 

The Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (I am co-founder, though no longer affiliated with it or ANY entity) :

                                                 FREE HANDOUTS

            (again, I am not affiliated with ANY resources listed):

A list of PAs seeking derm jobs in your state - full contact info - no fees

A list of Dermatologists seeking to hire a PA - full contact info - no fees - for PAs ONLY

How to Get Better at Derm--PA Self Study Info/CME/books/residencies/masters/internet, etc.

Referral list--a list of dermatologist who will speak PERSONALLY with their colleagues about hiring PAs.

Brochure--Introducing The New PA to Your Patients and Referral Base

Why We Love Dermatology So

Hiring PAs / new PA graduates--Hiring an experienced one or training one?

Derm PA Salary Surveys

Contract Negotiations Advice from Derm PAs

Derm Preceptors list for PA students

What Does a Dermatology PA Actually DO?

State laws for PAs

Reimbursement Questions-Who to Contact at AAPA

Before Your First Job Interview--What to Take With You

Successful Integration of a PA into Your Derm Practice

Training the New PA

Places to Advertise for a PA

Places to look for a derm PA job

How to Keep the PA You Just Hired

Malpractice Insurance magazine article

Protocols/job descriptions

Restrictive Covenants

Derm PA Residencies / Derm PA Masters programs

Temporary Licensing for New Grads

Calculating the financial value of a derm PA